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Apr 23 – Ladies Varsity Lacrosse battles for league win against Dublin, 10-6

Our Dons played their hearts out Thursday night in a combative, defensive brawl with Dublin. Dublin’s speed and tenacity was fierce but not as fierce as our Dons’ determination to stay undefeated in league. The start was back and forth with long possessions on both sides. The Dons were up 6-3 at the half.

The second half was interrupted numerous times by penalty calls on both sides. Dublin came within 2 points with a score of 5 to 7. It is important to note that 50% of Dublin’s shots were penalty shots and that the umps were penalty happy which is putting it mildly. In the end, the Dons struggled and challenged and clashed, making way for Caith Wright and Ellie Higgins to get to the goal for a final score of 10-6.

Our defense was ferocious and Holly Fleischmann caused 2 incredible turnovers including an end of game interception that finished off any Dublin hope of a last goal. Jessica Hennies was forceful and also caused 2 turnovers. Blake Balfrey was responsible for an amazing interception. Caith Wright caused an important turnover as well.

The ball was batted around like a fly all night as Ellie Higgins and Sophie Ross wrangled 3, while Kelcey “Bubba” Higgins, Jessica Hennies, Alyssa Mueller landed 2, and Caith Wright, Holly Fleischmann, Blake Balfrey, MacKenna Mullins, Sabba Jweainat, Julia Mueller and Jackie Diede fought for 1 each.

Total scoring: Caith Wright with 5 goals, Ellie Higgins with 4 goals, Sophie Ross with 1 goal and 3 assists, Anna DeRoque with 1 assist and Holly Fleischmann 1 assist.

On the draw: Caith Wright with 4, Sophie Ross with 3, Alyssa Mueller 1, MacKenna Mullins 1, and Katie Welch with 1.

In the goal, Sam Repstad had 4 and Sabba Jweainat had 4 saves.

Next game, April 30th, our Ladies face Campo at Home 7pm. Go DONS!

Apr 24 – Friday Sports Page

In Thursday’s action…

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Girls Lacrosse

defeated Dublin HS 10-6 to remain undefeated in the DFAL. The jv team cruised 16-6.

Boys Lacrosse

overwhelmed Dublin HS 16-2.

Boys Tennis

shutout Alhambra HS 9-0 raising their overall record to 18-3 and their DFAL record to 9-2.

Boys Golf

defeated Dougherty Valley HS 206-224 finishing the regular season 11-5 overall and 7-5 in the league.


fell 2-1 in extra innings to Alhambra HS.



was defeated by Alhambra HS.

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In Friday’s action…

Boys Volleyball

plays at Campolindo HS at 6:00.


In Saturday’s action…

Boys Lacrosse

plays at Redwood HS. JV at 5:30 and varsity at 7:00.

Freshman Baseball

plays at Miramonte HS in a doubleheader at 11:00 and 1:30.


Thursday’s individual standouts…

Girls Lacrosse

Caith Wright scored 5 goals. Ellie Higgins scored 4 goals. Sophie Ross scored 1 goal and had 3 assists. Sam Repstad had 4 saves and Sabba Jweianat had 3 saves.

Boys Tennis

Ryan Pegels, Trenton Tso, Ethan Fitzsimons, Conor McGlynn, Rohan Saha and Alex Hashim won singles matches. Jin Heo & Cole Noone, Stefen Pegels & Clay Schmidt and Matt Gay & Max Motley won doubles matches.

Boys Golf

Jake Basilico shot a 36, and Peter Tripp and Julian O’Donnell shot 40 on a 9-hole par 36 course.


Tyler Ewing went 2 for 4 and Tommy Nimura went 2 for 5.

R. Takahashi

Apr 23 – A Win-Win on Senior Night

On Thursday night the Lacrosse Team honored their graduating Seniors and ran away with a victory against Dublin. Final score 17 to 2.

Class of 2015 Photo Courtesy of Terry Maiken

Class of 2015
Photo Courtesy of Terry Maiken

Senior Highlights from last night’s game:

Sam deRoque – scored 2 goals, 1 assist and won 8 out of 9 face-offs

Danny Ennis (G)– didn’t see much action last night as the ball barely crossed the 50 yard line!

Vinny Gladden – scored 1 goal, recovered 5 ground balls and forced Dublin to turnover the ball 4 times – Vinny also won the respect of the referees despite the 3 minute penalty in the first quarter!

Chris Greer – scored 1 goal and had 1 assist

Tristan Guzaitas – scored 1 goal and had 2 assists

Tom Hofmeister – injured

Taylor Howell – had 1 assist and won 2 face-offs

Adrian Jeffries – scored 1 goal with 3 assists

Chris Lane – scored 3 goals

Nick Mani – injured

Trent Nemanic – scored 1 goal with 2 assists

Grant Pedder – injured

Everett Roeth – won at face-off, recovered a nice ground ball and had a great shot

Cole Tanner – recovered ground balls and helped stop Dublin from making clears all night

Best wishes to all of the graduating seniors. You will be missed!

Other highlights from last night’s win: Grant Jackson had 3 goals, 1 assist. Nathan Brickman had 2 goals and 2 assists. And Leo Barakos had 2 goals.

The Dons will face Redwood on Saturday in Marin at 2 pm.

Apr 22 – Ladies Varsity Lacrosse fall to Marin Catholic 13-17

Our Dons came out with a strong first possession and Caroline Newman scored a goal quickly assisted by Sophie Ross.  Ellie Higgins went on a tear with the next 3 goals assisted by Newman and Holly Fleischmann.  The start remained close until Marin Catholic took the reins with 6 straight draw controls and then scored 6 times.  Making the half time score, MC 12 and the Dons 4.

Showing grit, the Dons came storming out in the second half with Caith Wright scoring 1 and then Sophie Ross blasting the next 2 goals.  Caroline Newman scored 1 goal next, and Ross scored another making the score a more competitive MC 13 and Dons 9.

The game got very physical with penalty shots awarded on both sides.  Sabba Jweainat had 2 great saves and the score was the closest it was going to get with MC 15 and Dons 12.

Defense got very active during scrambles and the magnificent MacKenna Mullins grabbed a loose ball as did the exciting Anna DeRoque.  Alyssa Mueller caused havoc for MC with 2 forced turnovers.

The Dons showed great resilience and determination to win the second 9-5 but it couldn’t erase the first half’s damage by mighty Marin Catholic. Final Score Dons 13 and MC 17.

Total scoring: Ross 4 goals and 1 assist, Newman 3 goals and 1 assist, Wright 3 goals, Ellie Higgins 2 goals and 1 assist, and Fleischmann 1 goal.

In the goal, Sabba Jweainat had 3 saves.

Tonight, April 23rd, our Ladies face Dublin at 7pm in Dublin.  Go DONS!

Apr 23 – Thursday Sports

In Wednesday’s action…

Boys Golf

defeated Las Lomas HS 182-203.

Girls Lacrosse

was defeated by Marin Catholic HS.  The jv team was victorious.

Boys Volleyball

played well in defeat to Dougherty Valley HS.


In today’s action…

Baseball and Softball

teams play Alhambra HS at 4:00.  Varsity is home and jv is away.


teams play Dublin HS.  Boys are home and girls are away.  JV at 5:30 and varsity at 7:00.

Boys Tennis

Varsity has a match at Alhambra HS at 3:30. JV boys host Piedmont HS at 3:30.

Boys Golf

has a match against Dougherty Valley HS at Blackhawk CC, Falls Course at 3:30.

R. Takahashi

Apr 21 – Dons Dominate Dougherty Valley

On Tuesday night the Boys’ Lacrosse Team faced Dougherty Valley at home on a cold and windy evening. Despite the chill, the Dons dominated over Dougherty Valley from the start. The final score Acalanes 16, Dougherty Valley 1.

Nathan Brickman had 5 goals, Adrian Jeffries had 2 goals and 3 assists, Sam deRoque had 2 goals and 1 assist, Chris Greer had 2 goals, Chris Lane and Taylor Howell had 1 goal and 1 assist each. Leo Barakos, Tristan Guzaitas and Grant Jackson each had 1 goal.

The midfield played tough and managed to stop Dougherty Valley from clearing the ball on numerous possessions. The Gladden brothers, Joey and Vinny, forced turnovers by Dougherty Valley a total of 6 times. Sam deRoque won 100% of his face-offs.

Danny Ennis had 5 saves with only one ball getting past him in the 1st half. Nate Welcomer had 1 save with zero goals scored by Dougherty Valley in the entire 2nd half.

The Dons will face Dublin at home on Thursday night. Please join us at 7pm as we celebrate Senior Night and honor the 14 graduating seniors.

Joey Gladden

Freshman Joey Gladden runs past a defender after forcing a turnover & scooping up the ground ball.


Apr 22 – Wednesday Sports

In Tuesday’s action…


defeated Miramonte HS 1-0 to remain undefeated in the DFAL. The jv team suffered in defeat.


defeated Miramonte HS 13-2.

Boys Tennis

defeated Miramonte HS 5-4 raising their overall record to 18-3 and their DFAL record to 8-2..

Girls Lacrosse

defeated Dougherty Valley HS 12-7 to remain undefeated in the DFAL. The jv team did likewise 15-3.

Boys Lacrosse

defeated Dougherty Valley HS 16-1 to remain undefeated in the DFAL.


In today’s action…

Boys Volleyball

hosts Dougherty Valley HS at 6:00.

Swim team

has a meet at Las Lomas HS at 3:45.

Girls Lacrosse

plays at Marin Catholic HS. Varsity at 4:00 and jv at 5:30.

Boys Golf

has a match against Las Lomas HS at Boundary Oak CC at 3:30.


Tuesday’s individual standouts…


Zack Stromberg threw a gem of a 2-hitter complete game shutout, with 11 strikeouts. Matt Burns went 1 for 3, with a run scored and a triple.

Boys Tennis

Ryan Cardiff and Trenton Tso won singles matches. Nico Brightbill & Conor McGlynn, Ian Dao & Preston Tso and Alex Hashim & Jin Heo won doubles matches.

Girls Lacrosse

Caroline Newman had 4 goals, 3 assists, caused a turnover and recovered a loose ball. Caith Wright had 3 goals, 3 recovered 3 loose balls and had 4 draws. Sophie Ross had 2 goals, 2 assists and 2 draws. Ellie Higgins had 1 goal, 3 assists and caused a turnover. Sam Repstad had 8 saves and Sabba Jweainat had 5 saves.

R. Takahashi

Apr 21 – Ladies Varsity Lacrosse wins 12-7 vs. Dougherty Valley

Our Dons were in amazing form last night with great clearing, amazing passing and strong defense. The Dons held the lead the entire night, but not by dominating the draw. The key last night was amazing defense, who stole the ball and then cleared it quickly and effortlessly up the field for an 8-4 lead at the half. Crisp passing and speed continued throughout the game, with great sharing of the ball on offense. 8 of our 12 goals were made with an assist! The Dons remain undefeated in league play, 8-0!

On offense Turbo Caith Wright had 3 goals, Caroline Newman was splendid with 4 goals and 3 assists, Ellie “the Flash” Higgins had 1 goal and 3 assists, Julia Mueller had 1 goal, Holly Fleischmann had 1 goal, Kelcey Wendt had an assist, Anna DeRoque had an assist and superb Sophie Ross had 2 goals and 2 assists.

Defense was stellar clearing the ball rapidly and causing turnovers left and right. Caroline Newman and Ellie Higgins both caused 1 turnover. Caith Wright wrangled up 3 loose balls, Marie Whitmore, Caroline Newman, MacKenna Mullins, and Kelcey Higgins all scooped up 1. On the draw, Caith Wright hustled for 4, Sophie Ross fought for 2 and Katie Welch battled for 1.

Sam Repstad had 2 saves in the first half. Sabba Jweainat had the game of her life with 11 saves in the second half. She blocked shots with her body, stick, legs – it was spectacular.

*** Corrections from LL game**** MacKenna Mullins had 1 goal which was mistakenly given to Sabrina Elliot. Super Sophie Ross had 7 draw controls that game. Sorry for the errors.

See you Wednesday April 22nd when Acalanes takes on the mighty Marin Catholic in Marin at 4 pm. The Dons also have a game Thursday, April 23rd at 7pm at Dublin. Go DONS!

Apr 21 – Tuesday Sports

In Tuesdays action…

Boys Tennis

has matches against Miramonte HS at 3:30. Varsity is home and jv is away.

Baseball & Softball

teams play Miramonte HS at 4:00. Varsity is away and jv is home.


teams play Dougherty Valley HS. Boys are home and girls are away. JV at 5:30 and varsity at 7:00.

R. Takahashi

Apr 20 – Monday Sports

In Saturday’s action…

JV Baseball

was defeated by Marin Catholic HS.

In Monday’s action…


teams play at Albany HS at 4:00.

R. Takahashi

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