Acalanes Throwing Team

This Saturday, March 28th, the Acalanes Throwing Team will be out at Foothill High School in Pleasanton.  Qualifiers will head to the Arcadia Invite.  Stay tuned for results.

Track and Field Meet Results vs Las Lomas, Wednesday, March 25th

Acalanes Track and Field Team, Men’s and Women’s Upper and Lower Divisions both defeated Las Lomas yesterday on March 25th. Congratulations to all athletes contributing to the win and for many personal records that were achieved.
Listed below are athletes making the Top 3 in the noted events:
Varsity Men
100 Meter
1st Applin, Daniel 11.54
3rd Gonser, Christopher 12.28
200 Meter
1st Applin, Daniel 23.83
3rd Iniquez-Stralla, Jesse 24.67
800 Meter
3rd Walker, Patrick 2:14.06
1600 Meter
1st Gaskell, Cameron 4:38.39
3rd Kelly, Alex 4:49.08
3200 Meter
3rd Woodworth, Zachary 10:52.01
110 M Hurdles
1st Westemeier, Ethan 18.04
2nd Cheim, Jonathan 19.15
3rd Martinsen, Reider 20.97
300 M Hurdles
1st Cheim, Jonathan 45.97
4X100 Relay
2nd Acalanes ‘A’ Team 46.60
3rd Acalanes ‘B’ Team 51.92
4X400 Relay
3rd Acalanes ‘A’ Team 3:47.47
High Jump
1st Westemeier, Ethan 5-06.00 ft Tie
2nd Chang, Ryan 5-06.00 ft Tie
Pole Vault
2nd Shimotake, Alex 10-00.00 ft
3rd Gonser, Christopher 7-06.00 ft
Long Jump
1st Martinsen, Nicholai 19-09.50 ft
3rd Westemeier, Ethan 17-11.50 ft
Triple Jump
2nd Westemeier, Ethan 38-08.50 ft
3rd Chang, Ryan 38-06.00 ft
1st Brydon, Jack 47-04.00 ft
2nd Rader, Anthony 40-05.50 ft
1st Brydon, Jack 125-01.50 ft
2nd Rader, Anthony 119-08.25 ft

Varsity Women
100 Meter
1st Lyons, Julia 12.96
3rd Gragg, Muppy 13.11
200 Meter
1st Gragg, Muppy 26.67
2nd Lyons, Julia 26.99
400 Meter
1st Boggan, Imani 1:01.79
2nd Klopstock, Annie 1:03.04
1600 Meter
2nd Taketa, Samantha 5:31.72
100 M Hurdles
1st Grobeck, Devin 18.14
2nd Davis, Anna 18.18
300 M Hurdles
1st Grobeck, Devin 50.68
2nd Davis, Anna 54.64
4X100 Relay
2nd Acalanes ‘A’ Team 50.37
3rd Acalanes ‘B’ Team 53.64
4X400 Relay
1st Acalanes ‘A’ Team 4:17.32
3rd Acalanes ‘B’ Team 4:44.39
High Jump
2nd Marrone, Veronica 4-06.00 Tie
3rd Volga, Michelle 4-06.00 Tie
Pole Vault
3rd Khan, Mariam 7-06.00 ft
Long Jump
1st Gragg, Raea 15-06.25 ft
2nd Margerum, Windy 14-04.25 ft
Triple Jump
1st Grobeck, Devin 31-07.50 ft
2nd Gragg, Raea 31-06.00 ft
3rd Marrone, Veronica 30-09.00 ft
Shot Put
1st Volga, Michelle 25-11.00 ft
2nd Johansson, AnaLisse 19-01.00 ft
3rd Xie, Christy 16-10.00 ft
1st Volga, Michelle 88-05.50 ft
2nd Xie, Christy 63-05 ft
3rd Johansson, AnaLisse 56-00 ft

Frosh/Soph Men
100 Meter
3rd Piercy, Carl 13.09
800 Meter
2nd Wilson, Nicolas 2:57.00
3rd Johansson, William 3:06.17
1600 Meter
1st Bartolo, Trey 5:47.46
2nd Wilson, Nicolas 6:11.12
3200 Meter
2nd Tom, Zachery 12:23.86
300 M Hurdles
1st Magnus, Matthew 51.48
2nd Martinsen, Reider 52.99
Pole Vault
1st Siu, Ryan 7-00.00 ft
2nd Camilleri, Julian 6-06.00 ft
3rd Danielyan, Konstantine 6-00.00 ft
Long Jump
1st Magnus, Matthew 15-11.00 ft
2nd Harris, Daniel 14-06.00 ft
3rd Piercy, Carl 14-02.25 ft
Shot Put
1st Barakos, Nikolas 26-09.00 ft
3rd Combi, Cole 15-00.00 ft
Frosh/Soph Women
800 Meter
1st Hahn, Beatrice 2:46.24
1600 Meter
3rd Starr, Anna 6:17.13
3200 Meter
2nd Kelly, Caroline 13:32.70
100 M Hurdles
1st Canonizado, Maya 23.31
300 M Hurdles
1st Canonizado, Maya 1:08.66
Pole Vault
1st Kohls, Greta 6-06.00 ft
Long Jump
2nd Canonizado, Maya 12-00.00 ft
Shot Put
1st House, Naomi 19-06.00 ft
2nd Bishopp, Lauren 17-07.00 ft
3rd Olson, Olivia 15-09.50 ft
1st Olson, Olivia 44-01.50 ft
2nd Bishopp, Lauren 42-05.50 ft
3rd House, Naomi 39-06.25 ft

Mar 17 – Girls Lacrosse beats Dublin

Acalanes prevailed for an important league win against a much improved Dublin squad.  Acalanes won 14-3 with a second half shut out to be proud of.

There were many contributions by offense last night including an assist by Katie Welch, an assist by Kelsey Wendt, 1 goal by Alyssa Mueller, 1 goal by Kate Anderson, 2 goals by Ellie Higgins, 1 goal and 2 assists by Caroline Newman, 4 goals and 1 assist by Caith Wright and 5 goals and 1 assist by Sophie Ross.

On defense the highlights include 2 interceptions by Kelcey Higgins, and steals and forced turnovers by Sophie Ross, Kate Anderson, McKenna Mullins, Jessica Hennies, Caith Wright and Caroline Newman.

The goalies had another outstanding performance holding Dublin to 3 goals with 2 saves by Sabba Jweainat and 3 by Sam Repstad.

Acalanes will face Carondelet this Friday March 20th at home, 7pm. Come out and support our Lacrosse Ladies.

Mar 24 – Girls Lacrosse beats Miramonte

Acalanes had a sensational come from behind win against Miramonte tonight, with a score of 11 to 6. Acalanes was down 3-0 during the first minutes of the first half. Acalanes answered back with 8 straight goals for an 8-3 lead at halftime. Play during the second half was strong as the Dons extended their lead for a solid league victory.

The offense was effective tonight with 1 goal by Caith Wright, 2 goals and 2 assists by Caroline Newman, 3 goals and 3 assists by Ellie Higgins and 5 goals and 1 assist by Sophie Ross.

But the real story was the focused and fantastic defensive effort tonight by so many players. Caroline Newman led the charge with 6 loose ball controls, Caith Wright and Jessica Hennies had 4 each, and Kelcey Higgins and Sophie Ross both scooped up 2.

Goalie Sabba Jweainat was outstanding with 4 saves within the first minutes of play. Sam Repstad also played extremely well and had 4 saves.

Lots more Ladies Lacrosse this week with California High coming to town on Thursday, March 26th at 7pm and Alhambra at Acalanes Stadium on Friday, March 27th. Go Dons!

Mar 26 – Thursday Sports

In Wednesday’s action…

Boys Volleyball

played well in defeat to Campolindo HS.


In Thursday’s action…

Baseball and Softball

play Dougherty Valley HS at 4:00.  Varsity is home and JV is away.

Girls Lacrosse

hosts California HS. JV at 5:30 and varsity at 7:00.

Boys Tennis

has matches at Dougherty Valley HS at 3:30.

R. Takahashi

Mar 25 – Wednesday Sports

In Tuesday’s action…

Boys Lacrosse

cruised past Miramonte HS 15-1 remaining undefeated in the DFAL.  The jv team recorded a 10-0 shutout.

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Girls Lacrosse

recorded another DFAL victory over Miramonte HS 11-6 to stay undefeated in league.  The jv team pulled out a 13-12 victory.


shutout Las Lomas HS 4-0 in the outstanding announcing debut of Principal Allison Silvestri.


mounted several late inning rallies only to be overcome by Las Lomas HS.

Boys Tennis

shutout Las Lomas HS 9-0.


In Wednesday’s action…

Track & Field

hosts Las Lomas HS at 3:30.

Boys Volleyball

hosts Campolindo HS at 6:00.


Tuesday’s individual standouts…


Rosie Shackett went 4 for 4, with an RBI, a run scored and a triple.  Brooke Panfili went 3 for 3, with 2 runs scored and a double.

Boys Tennis

Kyle Everly, Isaiah Bird, Nico Brightbill, Trenton Tso, Ryan Pegels and Ethan Fitzsimons won singles matches.  Ian Dao & Conor McGlynn, Alex Hashim & Jin Heo and Cole Noone & Clay Schmidt won doubles matches.

R. Takahashi

Mar 24 – Dons Stomp on the Mats

There was a fantastic turn out of fans and supporters on Tuesday night including the UCSB Men’s Lacrosse Team who came to watch the Dons take on Miramonte and honor the life of Matt Lynn. There were many colorful socks on the field worn in tribute to Matt. On behalf of the Lynn Family and the Acalanes’ Lacrosse programs, thank you for your support.

Once again, there were many contributors on the field with impressive plays coming from a number of players: Defensively, Josh Baginski , Vinny Gladden, Glenn Johnston, and Brian Maiken fought relentlessly to protect the goalies only allowing Miramonte to score 1 the entire game and forcing a number of turnovers on the Mats. Tom Hofmeister forced a great turnover and scooped up an impressive ground ball to run down the field for a terrific clear. Freshman pull-up Calvin Vance retrieved one ground ball and forced a turnover in his first official appearance as a Varsity player.

Offensively, the Dons dominated scoring a total of 15 goals. Adrian Jeffries led with points, scoring 3 goals and 5 assists. Nathan Brickman had 3 goals and 2 assists. Vinny Gladden had 2 goals. Sam deRoque, Chris Greer, Grant Jackson, Chris Lane, Nathan Lee, Brian Maiken and Cole Tanner each scored 1 goal. Tyler Henderson had 2 assists and Jack Thoren had 1.

Photo courtesy of Terry Maiken.

Senior goalie Danny Ennis with a terrific save.

Final score Dons 15, Mats 1.

Goalies Danny Ennis and Nate Welcomer had 3 saves each.

The Dons will travel to Alhambra on Friday to play the Dogs at 7pm.

TONIGHT is a Special Night of Lacrosse!

Come watch the Boys’ Lacrosse Teams take on Miramonte tonight at Acalanes (JV at 5:30 and Varsity at 7pm) and help support the Matt Lynn Memorial Scholarship Fund!

Matt, a 1999 AHS graduate, was a high school varsity swimmer, water polo player and club lacrosse player.  He attended UCSB where he played lacrosse for four years, and was a member of the 2004 Men’s National Championship team.  He was an assistant coach for the AHS boys’ junior and varsity lacrosse teams during the 2004 – 2007 seasons. While coaching during the last two years, he fiercely battled brain cancer with surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  Coach Ringwood, AHS’s Head Lacrosse Coach, grew up playing lacrosse with Matt and went on to play with Matt at UCSB.  Coach Ringwood and Matt also coached together at AHS.

Six months after being diagnosed, Matt decided to continue coaching at AHS because he wanted his players to know that cancer is not always a terminal disease.  Wearing a helmet on the sidelines after brain surgery or running sprints after a chemotherapy treatment showed his players that surviving cancer required hard work and courage.

Three years ago, the UCSB Men’s lacrosse team established an annual tradition of voting for the player who most exemplifies Matt’s values and play:  love of the game, dedication to his teammates, courage and leaving everything on the field.  The selected player wears Matt’s #19 for the season.   Last year’s #19 recipient wrote this:  “When I put on my #19 jersey for the first practice of the season, I really had no idea how difficult it was going to be to constantly maintain the sort of effort and determination that Matt was known for.  It has been quite challenging, albeit extremely rewarding, to try and live up to the expectations that Matt has set for the #19. I sincerely hope that I can help shape the program as he did.  He has managed to set an example of selflessness and diligence that the whole team has benefited from.”

Shortly after Matt died December 13, 2009 from brain cancer, the Lynn Family decided to establish an AHS scholarship fund in his name.  The Lamorinda community continues to support the scholarship fund through several fund-raising and cancer awareness events annually.  The Lynn family’s hope is to award scholarships in Matt’s name for many years to come.

There will be a donation table set up and we will be collecting gate entry fees to benefit the scholarship fund.  Donors can make checks payable to the East Bay Community Foundation (EBCF); “Matt Lynn Memorial Scholarship” should be written in the memo line.  The contributions can also be mailed to EBCF, 200 Frank Ogawa Plaza, Oakland, CA  94612.  Their tax ID is 94-6070996.

The snack shack will also be open during tonight’s game.

Go Dons!

Mar 24 – Tuesday Sports

In Tuesday’s action…

Baseball and Softball

open the DFAL season with Las Lomas HS at 4:00. Varsity is home and jv is away. Take some time this afternoon to enjoy the sun and our fabulous baseball announcer, Allison Silvestri.


teams play Miramonte HS. Boys are home and girls are away. JV at 5:30 and varsity at 7:00. At the boys game, the memory and scholarship fund for Matt Lynn will be the highlight of the evening at the boys game.

R. Takahashi

Double Overtime Win for Varsity Boy’s Lacrosse

The Dons traveled to Marin for a great game against Marin Academy last Friday afternoon. It was a tight game from the very beginning with back and forth goals. The score at halftime was Dons 5 to MA 4. Although the Dons out-scored MA in the 3rd quarter, MA was able to rally back in the 4th. When the clock ran out the game was tied at 10. The first sudden death overtime period ended without a score. The second overtime period seemed destined to end the same way as the clock was running down. However, Adrian Jeffries got off a last minute shot that landed in the net for the win! Final score 11 to 10 for the Dons!

Adrian Jeffries scored a total of 4 goals, including the game winner, and had 2 assists. Tyler Henderson and Chris Lane each had 2 goals, Michael Bone, Sam deRoque and Cole Tanner had 1 goal each. Assists came from Vinny Gladden, Chris Greer, Tyler Henderson, Brian Maiken, and Cole Tanner.

Sam deRoque won 7 face offs and Taylor Howell won 5. Goalie Danny Ennis had 5 saves.